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Negative Ions

Negative ions neutralize the static electricity and close the hair cuticule, making the hair soft and shiny. Besides this benefit to the hair, negative ions also make water droplets 4 to 6 times smaller, which facilitates absorption. This makes your hair hydrated, strong, and silky.

Positive Ions

A TAIFF Exclusive. Positive ions naturally open the hair cuticle, preparing it for and enhancing the results from treatments, hair reconstruction, coloring, deep conditioning, highlighting, and others. A real first to help cosmetologists.

Advanced Ceramic Coating

ACC is a ceramic-coated system, developed and patented by TAIFF. ACC protects the hair from direct contact with the aluminum plates and provides easier gliding. It also closes the hair cuticle. ACC has the additional benefit of eliminating the static electricity on the hair, making it silky and shiny.

Ceramic Heating

Positive Temperature Coefficient - PTC is a self-regulating ceramic element. TAIFF flat irons use the best PTC available in the market. Since PTC ensures a steady temperature, TAIFF irons are completely safe. The ceramic heater also turns the appliance automatic dual voltage.

Dual Transmission System

Developed and patented by TAIFF, the Dual Transmission system provides constant heat. When the temperature is kept steady, working becomes 30% more efficient. The Dual Transmission technology is incorporated in all TAIFF products with PTC.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

When heated, ceramic surfaces are able to generate infrared rays that naturally dry your hair from inside out. This is the ideal method to maintain moisture.


Tourmaline is a mineral that, when heated, naturally generates negative ions.This neutralizes the static electricity on the hair, which then becomes shinier and softer. TAIFF is one of the leading manufacturers of tourmaline technology products.

Nano Technology

TAIFF's exclusive Nanox Clean - nanotechnology uses micro particles of titanium to reduce the presence of bacteria and fungus ni the air. The result is a healthy, smooth and silky hair.

Infra-Red Drying

Using ceramic technolgy, infra-red drying assists in drying the hair naturally and quickly.

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